Lighting industry maverick Richard Belliveau, co-founder and chief technology officer at Austin-based High End Systems, has been elected the winner of The 2005 Wally Russell Lifetime Achievement Award. The 2005 "Wally" will be presented as part of the LDI/ESTA awards ceremony on Saturday evening, November 12, at LDI2005 in Orlando, FL.

Richard Belliveau has invented and produced innovative technology, including low-powered laser entertainment products using microprocessor and stepper motor technology (Laser Chorus), a laser emulation system using xenon lamp (Emulator), the Intellabeam automated light, and the first digitally addressable RGB color-mixing profile spotlight (Color Pro) using dichroic color medium. He designed and engineered the first optical thin film manufacturing laboratory specifically for production of high volume dichroic filters for the lighting industry. He launched the commercially available Cyberlight automated luminaire using lithographic glass gobos manufactured by an in-house lithography laboratory, and produced the world's first highly successful automated Fresnel color changing spotlight using dichroic filters and metal halide technology. He most recently created and produced a line of digital automated lights (DL.1, DL.2) with built in cameras, infrared illuminators and infrared cameras. He is listed as an inventor on 34 US Patents.

Founded in 1992, the prestigious "Wally" Award was established in memory of Wally Russell, a true trailblazer whose career influenced several generations of industry professionals. Each year, the "Wally" honors one individual who exhibits a strong sense of leadership, a commitment to technological innovation, and a career of service to the lighting industry.

Past winners of the "Wally" include: George C. Izenour in 2004; Sonny Sonnenfeld in 2003; Jimmy Fuller in 2002; Jim Bornhorst in 2001; Stan Miller in 2000; Don Stern in 1999; Bran Ferren in 1998; Fred Bentham in 1997; Francis DeVerna in 1996; Tharon Musser in 1995; George van Buren in 1994; Charles Altman in 1993; and Wally Russell in 1992 (in memorial). The "Wally" Newcomer Award was presented to Robert Bell in 1992.

The Wally Board has launched a fund-raising campaign in support of its various activities, including the Wally Award, internships at the Los Angeles Opera, the Broadway Lighting Master Classes, and other worthy industry initiatives. For a list of recent donors, click here: All donations are tax-deductible.

The Wally board includes: Phil Bernard, Rusty Brutsché, David Cunningham, Tom Folsom, John Howe, Larry Kellermann, Philip O’Donnell, Richard Pilbrow, Brian Russell, Glen Russell, Robert Schiller, John Wiseman, and Jennifer White.