Robe moving lights and Anolis LED fixtures have been specified and installed into Fusion, a new 750-capacity nightclub in the UK. The building was completely redesigned with a new interior design by Graham Chance of Breley Design, and a lighting, sound, and AV design by Andy Chamley of AC Audio Rentals. The main room has three bars, and there is also a VIP and a Sports bars on other levels.

The owner’s only design specification was the installation of four circular and two “S” shaped trusses in the roof as visual rigging points for the lights and to give the roof a shape and form.

Chamley chose 16 Robe DJ Scans 250s and eight Robe Spot 250 XTs scattered across the trussing to get dynamic angles and good overall coverage of the dancefloor and other areas. Chamley chose Robe lights because “they are well made, keenly priced, tough and reliable,” he says, adding that they are “really versatile fixtures.”

The DJ Scan is a fast, bright light thanks to its MSD 250 lightsource. It features 11 dichroic filters plus open on the color wheel and a gobo wheel with nine replaceable rotating gobos plus open. The shutter system offers full dimming and variable speed strobe effect, and they are also small and unobtrusive enough to tuck neatly into the ceiling.

The Spot 250 XT is a particular favourite of Chamely’s. The optical system has a 15º objective lens as standard, with 12º or 18º options. It takes glass or metal gobos and it has a color wheel offering 11 dichroic filters plus open. The fixture’s overall dimensions are expedient, which is a great asset in Fusion as it enables the ceiling height to be maximized.

The installation also utilizes some generic lights, strobes, LED batons, and a mirror ball, but the moving lights are the workhorses. They were programmed by Maria Jenkins using a LightProcessor QCommander console.

Above the main dancefloor bar is Fusion’s principal feature–a shower room to showcase pole-dancing performances. The shower comes on for short periods during peak dancing time after 1 am. Chamley used Anolis strip fittings–six Anolis Arcline 12 400mm RGB fittings with three Anolis ARC power 36 Intel DMX power supplies and an ANYtronics Anyscene controller–to light the shower. These are mounted along the top lip of the ceiling, just outside of the shower, flooding the room with light, and not flinching in the damp conditions. The effect is stunning as they reflect and bounce off the metallic mosaic tiles lining the shower.