Wybron, Inc. has announced that the Dubai Mall Aquarium, a permanent installation in the world's largest shopping mall located in downtown Dubai, purchased 226 Large Format Aquarams and InfoTrace Control and Management System. The aquarium expects to install Wybron’s fixtures and the InfoTrace system in September.

Wybron’s Aquarams will illuminate the 164-ft. aquarium to allow visitors to see sharks, stingrays, and other species of fish in their natural habitat. Each Aquaram contains up to 32 gel colors and is water resistant. The InfoTrace system will control and manage all of the fixtures via the RDM platform.

CD+M Lighting Design Group, a US-based multi-disciplinary lighting and controls design firm that provides a range of professional design services for architectural, entertainment, corporate, educational and mixed-use projects globally, designed the project and will supervise programming and installation during the final phases of the project, which opens in 2008.

“We are very pleased with the spike in sales of our architectural fixtures,” said Larry Turner, Wybron CEO. “Wybron continues to introduce new outdoor lighting technology as we expect the demand for lighting designs to grow in the overall architectural and buildings space.”