Tomcat USA Inc. has shipped a package of equipment to Las Vegas for the Four Wall Entertainment installation of a new entertainment lounge at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino.

“Tomcat worked with us to create a completely engineered truss solution that significantly lowered the installation cost,” senior project manager of 4Wall West, Buddy Pope, explains. After working on the design for the unique system, it was dubbed the “Spider Grid” because of its appearance. It is made up of dozens of ladder trusses that intersect at various angles, creating a grid over the floor. At all of these intersections, the ladders are joined by a specially designed universal hub. These hubs also serve as the pick-up points for the system. Brackets were made that will attach to the walls of the venue to terminate the runs of the ladders through the venue.

“When you’re putting the equivalent of an aluminum spider web over people heads, it’s got to be right and Tomcat helps us accomplish that task,” Pope adds.

In addition to the Spider Grid, a custom LD Curved grid will be installed over the stage area. The new club at the casino is set to open in February of 2007.