Working with Metro Sound and Lighting, Tomcat USA created a customized package for Myth, the “midwest’s finest entertainment venue."

Equipment provided by Tomcat included two truss MD circles: one 35’ OD and one 18’ OD. The circles were spilt in two separate sections creating a unique appearance while allowing adjustment to one side of the grid and access to one side as needed. Six 6’ sections and two 5’ sections of MD truss provide additional support and panel points for hanging the fixtures.

Another important part of the equipment list was a complete motor package, including twelve CM Model L, 1-ton hoists with 60’ of lift, a Skjonberg control unit, and a cable management system fabricated by Tomcat. This system allowed all power and control cables for the hoists and light fixtures to be seamlessly organized when the grid was lowered and raised back into place. This proved to be highly useful, giving the club access to the grid without cables to bind up the system as it travels up and down.

Another special consideration was the ceiling height. Despite the fact that the venue is exceptionally large, over 36,000sq.ft., the ceiling is rather low for such a large grid. The solution was to rig the hoists to pick up bars inside the truss. This simple solution translated to some much needed trim height.

Keith Bohn, design department manager for Tomcat, provided on-site support to Metro Sound and Lighting for the installation in the fall of 2005. Ever since then, Myth has played host to some of the world’s hottest DJs and concert acts. And patrons of the venue have danced the night away under the finest equipment in the industry.