In a city known for great entertainment, the new theater at Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort—The Pearl—is destined to become an attraction in itself. Scheduled to open this spring, the venue features innovative stage and seating designs and state-of-the art performance technology. PRG engineered the lighting, dimming, and control systems and provided all the lighting fixtures for The Pearl and a nearby ballroom.

“When we set out to build the most advanced live performance space in Las Vegas, The Palms naturally turned to PRG, the world’s leading entertainment technology company. Their expertise in theatrical lighting and rigging is apparent in The Pearl concert theatre,” notes H.C. Rowe, entertainment director at The Palms Casino Resort.

Flexibility was key in lighting The Pearl’s stage, which will serve as a luxury showcase for top-flight events, ranging from concert acts to ultimate fighting. Collaborating with lighting designer Michael Keller, PRG engineered a versatile system of moving lights and conventional fixtures with provisions for road show connection panels. The control system can be upgraded easily as new technology becomes available.

In addition to the theatrical lighting, PRG worked with the electrical contractor to engineer and supply the architectural house lighting for The Pearl as well as the house lighting, dimming, and control systems for a new ballroom on the floor above the theatre.

In keeping with The Palms’ owner George Maloof’s announced plans to book a variety of attractions into the theatre, The Pearl’s stage and seating areas also have been designed for maximum flexibility. The stage can be transformed easily from proscenium to thrust configuration, and the space can also accommodate performances in the round. A system of drapes opens or closes off sections of seating to accommodate audience sizes ranging from 1,100 to 2,500.

PRG supplied the rigging, trussing, and the drapery system as well as the lighting fixtures throughout the venue.

“Most theatres are designed to do a few specific things, but The Pearl offers many kinds of options. It can be a traditional theatre one night and a boxing arena the next,” notes Jim Holladay, PRG’s project manager. “We’re delighted to be involved in this very forward-looking project.”