Xhibition Bar, Harrah’s new casino floor bar at the Atlantic City Harrah’s Casino, is a 360º bar with a color coordinated lighting and video system that sets it apart from the usual slots-and-drinks casino bars.

Surrounding more than 300 towering bottles on the interior of the bar are 16 50" plasma screens that play sensual video content set to the latest Top 40 hits. Two rows of Martin Alien 05 color changers–an outer and inner row of 24 each–illuminate liquor bottles on vertical liquor racks. Additionally, four circles of color changing Color Kinetics LEDs surround the bar. The LEDs and Aliens are color coordinated with the video on the plasma screens.

According to Jon Champelli of the Paul Steelman Design Group, who designed the Alien 05 lighting, the bar was designed to attract a "younger, hip crowd" from other casinos on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

"I picked the Aliens because of the success I had with them at another Harrah’s bar, Harrah’s Rincon Casino & Resort in San Diego. I loved the look of them there–the combination of the color changing and the actual aesthetic look that they have. Color coordination between the LED, the video, and Alien 05s is something that evolved over time, and is still evolving. We’ll end up with 96 different video clips and looks, each between 2 and 4 1⁄2 minutes," explains Champelli, who appreciates the wide range of colors available from the Aliens.

The bar also features four Martin MiniMAC Profiles on a straight truss covering a small performance area. Uniquely, the lights can be controlled via four guitar pedals that are linked together and talk to the lighting controller. "A band can get nine different looks and effects with their feet while they’re playing. And the barkeep can run his own bar looks as well. I love those little things," says Ron Fogel, who designed the performance area lighting with Champelli. The MiniMACs were supplied by Fogel & Associates.

The Alien programming was completed by Martin’s Bruno Silva along with Champelli. The video, including the audio and software elements, was custom produced for Xhibition Bar by the Chimaera Group with More Media Group.