Twenty Robe Show ColorSpot 1200 ATs were used by lighting designer Charley Guest for KIIS-FM’s Wango Tango Music Festival at the Los Angeles Angels Baseball stadium, Anaheim, CA. The festival showcased hip-hop and R&B stars–including Ludacris, Will Smith with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Lindsay Lohan, and the Backstreet Boys–to a live audience of 70,000. The ColorSpot 1200 ATs were placed upstage of the large lighting rig and used for beam, movement, and bold color effects.

According to Craig Gaff, account executive and staff LD for Stage Tech which supplied the lighting, the ColorSpots were choosen for their "punch and power." "Combining the color mixing facilities and the exceptional gobo pallet, it’s possible to create a visually stunning show without it looking like every other show out there using those ‘other’ 1200W spots," expains Gaff.

Wango Tango 2005 was run on a Wholehog® 2 console with a wing.

In addition to Guest, others on the creative and visual team included lighting director Paul George of Joyce & Associates, programmer and board operator Craig Caserta, and Ed Motts who oversaw the video elements. Crew chief was Gave Grayson and master electrician was Eric Profaca.

Wango Tango 2005 was presented by KIIS-FM in conjunction with Clear Channel Communications and producer Ford Englerth.