Jack Morton Worldwide designed the set, built by Showman Fabricators, for the new Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN. Projection screens hanging from the grid and animated graphic walls grace the colorful set. The screens hang from thin wire and are glued together at the corners with silicone, giving them a floating effect. The screens currently work independently for graphic content and video, but the technology is in place to do a single graphic wrap around the corner.

The animated graphic walls start with a low-resolution Soft-LED curtain, but the creative team wanted to diffuse and refract the light. Acrilex has a “Waffle Iron” patterned acrylic, but more diffusion was required, so a “Fluted” pattern was cast with a brushed texture on the back. Putting the two sheets together and rotating one 90° degrees created the desired waffle with a hatched diffusion. From these panels, a grid was created to stand in front of the Soft-LED. Vertical strips of edge-lit acrylic panels, some with varying blue gel add and some with pebbled diffusion, add a layering effect. Each also has squares of acrylic applied in a variety of colors and diffusions. All of this sits in a frame of brushed metal. Gallery illustrations were rendered in Maxon Cinema 4D.

Principal Designer: Jim Fenhagen, Jack Morton Worldwide
Senior Designer: Patrick Larsen
Associate Designer: Matt Glaze
Graphic Design: Shelline Vandermey
Soft LED: Rose Brand
Lighting Design: Steve Brill, Lighting Design Group
Set Fabrication: Showman FabricatorsProjection Supplier: Video Film Systems

Jonathan Wald: Executive Producer
Guy Pepper: Creative Director
Director: Renee Cullen
Graphic Designer: Robert Hunter