When BMW launched the new 3 Series at its flagship showrooms in Kurfürstendamm, Berlin's most exclusive shopping area, the company wanted a store display that would stop passers-by in their tracks. Like all car showrooms, the windows are large and imposing, and BMW didn't want to block the showroom from the view of window shoppers, yet the display needed to be bright enough to create drama at night. G-LEC's PhantomFrame system was the solution. Each 1m×1m unit of PhantomFrame supports 16 clear polycarbonate tubes, each housing 16 high intensity LED pixels spaced 60mm apart. Only space exists between the tubes, ensuring the window shoppers in Kurfürstendamm can not only see the PhantomFrames but also, more importantly, the full range of the new BMW 3 Series in the showroom behind.