VIDEO: Georgians Go Crazy For Asylum Nightclub


Integrated Visions Productions LLC (IVP), an Atlanta-based duo of VJs—Bryan and Michelle Dodson, to be exact—worked on the largest architecturally-mapped projection screen in the Southeast for Macon, Georgia’s latest nightclub, Asylum. The nightclub makes use of six Sanyo PLC-XU106 4,500-lumen projectors, tiled together to create a display more than 136' wide.

“For the ultra-wide screen, we used a Mac Pro Quad core with four NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 graphics cards running Garage Cube Modul8 to drive the projectors,” says Brian Dodson. “This system was designed to mix custom video files in realtime, allowing a VJ to synchronize visuals to the DJ’s mix.”

To map video onto columns around the room, the team used a Windows XP system running Resolume Avenue and several 2,500-lumen projectors. “This machine is synced to the main projection system with MIDI, allowing it to run as a slave to the main system,” adds Bryan.

In addition to designing and building the projection system, IVP produced the custom high-definition content for the nightclub, as well as installed the lighting system, which is synced to the video. Lighting in Asylum includes 10 Robe Clubscan 250, four Elation Professional Design Spot 250s, eight RGB LED PARs, and an Elation Compu Live control software.

Check out the video, courtesy of Integrated Produtions:

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