Ultra Music Festival veteran vendors Mountain Productions built the main stage structure and roof structure for this year's production, with scenic and set elements were built by Tait.

Mountain Productions was responsible for engineering and constructing the staging and designing the infrastructure required to support the 200' wide and 105' tall stage structure. Paul Serkosky from the Mountain engineering department headed the design/engineering of the massive structure. Mountain Productions' onsite team was headed by Ron “Wilky” Wilkinson and Jake Smolenak.

Mountain Productions also built the UMF Radio stage, Waterfront stage, VIP areas for the main stage, entranceways, provided the rigging for the Bayfront stage, and built 4,000' of G-8 fence and 70,000sq-ft. of Terratrak plus floor covering.

Mountain Productions Crew

Ron Wilkinson
Jake Smolenak
Ray Alles
Tom Rhodes
Zach Smolenak
Ryan Sherlinski
Paul Simoncavage
Chris Myzick
Glenn Kaskey
Mike Kwarcinski
Greg Stuber
August Smarra
Cory Baxter
John Miller
Scott Stafford
Evan (Van) Snell
Paul Schuler