Specialist theatrical drape manufacturer and installer J&C Joel has acquired an additional 10,000 square feet of operational area adjacent to its Corporation Mill building at Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire.

The new two-story building is ideal to accommodate J&C Joel’s current growth, and ambitious plans to knock through and amalgamate the new space into a completely redesigned interior are already underway. J&C Joel’s managing director Andrew Walsh explains, “When this great opportunity arose, we immediately saw the potential to streamline the operational capabilities of the company.”

The new ground floor space contains two purpose-built loading docks, which will be incorporated into a new expanded warehouse area, making it easier to accommodate and load vehicles of all types— right up to 45ft articulated trucks.

The second floor is being developed into a new purpose-built, open-plan office area, accommodating Sales, Installations and Accounts departments. This is being specially designed and will have a contemporary, ergonomically styled look and ambience.

The strategic physical repositioning of all these departments will enhance the internal communications flow. It also allows improved access for wheelchair users.

The space in the existing building created by the move will free up large areas and allow expansion of the company’s busy Fabric, Drape Manufacturing and Installation departments.

Additional enhancements will include increased car parking facilities, which are a great bonus in Yorkshire’s famously quaint and historical textile towns not really designed for modern vehicles.

J&C Joel originally bought and moved into the Corporation Mill building in 1988—starting off in a 24,000 square foot area. When the new integration and construction work is completed they will completely utilise the entire 75,000 square foot premises and own the freehold.