Robe Show Lighting moving lights are being used as the key lighting element of the long-running Italian touring production of Reverie, performed by the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe of China. Lighting equipment for the show’s extensive Italian tour–which takes in Milan, Genova, Torino, Florence, and Venice–is being supplied by Italian rental company Mixer Sound & Light.

Reverie celebrates over 3,600 years of Chinese acrobatic skills and tradition with a highly choreographed, magical mix of martial arts, dance, theatre, and breathtaking acrobatics. Part of the show’s success has been its energetic and entertaining presentation. The props and backdrops are simple but effective, and the costumes are colorful and complex. Much of the show’s visual aesthetic is designed around the coloring and illumination of the performers and their costumes. However, for a show based solely on movement, the Beijing design team had not been using moving lights. “Although it seemed an obvious move,” explains MD and Mixer Sound & LIght owner Walter Taietti, “they needed some convincing.”

The moving light count consists of 40 Robe Wash 575 XTs and 20 ColorSpot 575 ATs. “This is a relatively small number of fixtures for the great diversity of the show,” says Taietti. “But they are used intelligently and extremely well. As the Robe fixtures have so many features and functions, they are ideally suited to a demanding show like this.”

LD Xie Yongming is also using a mixture of 1200W Fresnels, cyc lights, and two followspots, all controlled by a Compulite Sabre console. All the Robe fixtures are rigged over stage, except for three ColorWash 575s on each side, placed on the floor for low level cross-stage lighting. Yongming says it would be hard to now imagine doing the show without the Robe fixtures.

Mixer’s Claudio Giovannetti is the project manager for the show. He’s been liaising with his Chinese production counterparts regarding the show’s technical aspects, including the positioning of the moving lights and their operation, which is done by Oscar Kovax.

Mixer also supplied a JBL VerTec line array sound system, with a Yamaha 02R FOH console to the show.

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