'Tools II for System Designers,' a one-day workshop offered by the audio gurus from d&b audiotechnik, will be held on Tuesday, September 12th at the New York City Center Theatre in Manhattan.

John Taylor and Ralf Zuleeg from d&b audiotechnik's International Application Support Team will lead a rapt audience safely through the dark caverns of technical mumbo-jumbo and geek-speak into the pure radiance of audio enlightenment, all in plenty of time to prevent working sound designers from having to sublet their Brooklyn walk-ups and move back with their parents. In an entertaining format that will remind participants neither of high school physics class nor "Waiting For Guffman," the keys to successful system design and implementation will be demonstrated and discussed in a lively manner that won't leave listeners saying "Whah?" or searching for a new pocket protector.

To register for this seminar day please click here.