Kevin and Cindy Spencer’s Theatre of Illusion is one of the largest touring illusion shows on the road today. Their big, high-tech stage show combines drama, comedy, romance, and suspense with elaborate stage illusions that include dazzling special effects and magnificent set design. These 21st-century magicians describe their show as “a little bit of rock ’n roll meets a little bit of Broadway.”

The Spencers have been using two Unique Haze Machines in their act for the last four years and recently upgraded to a pair of Unique2 models from Look Solutions and Thomas James Productions.

“We absolutely love them,” says Kevin Spencer. “They allow us to create great theater without having so much haze that we’re masking the action on stage and people think we have something to hide. They’re the crux of the show.”

The Unique2 Haze Machines feature minimal noise and warm up time, DMX control, easy operation and are adjustable in one percent increments for precise control of output.

“We operate the hazers through our DMX lighting control,” says Spencer. “They’re so user friendly that the crew didn’t have to relearn anything to run these new models. And kudos to Look Solutions’ support. You can have the best product in the world but if there isn’t somebody standing behind it, users are at a disadvantage. We’re off to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and know that Look Solutions’ support will follow us around the world.”