Video Equipment
1 TroikaTronix Isadora Video Playback Software
1 Kramer Electronics VS-828 8x8 Video Matrix Switcher
6 AV Toolbox AVT-3155A Scan Converters
12 TV Screens—CRT and LCD

Lighting Equipment
1 ETC Ion Console
6 ETC Source Four 50º Ellipsoidal Luminaire
38 ETC Source Four 36º Ellipsoidal Luminaire
53 ETC Source Four 26º Ellipsoidal Luminaire
2 ETC Source Four 25º-50º Zoom Ellipsoidal Luminaire
3 ETC Source Four PAR MFL
12 ETC Source Four PAR NSP
1 PAR38 100W
4 Snubnose Birdies MR16 150W
9 8" Fresnel 1kW
4 Arri 5K Fresnel 5kW
1 High End Systems AF1000 Dataflash Strobe
30 Practicals of various types and wattage including:
    Wall-mounted emergency lights
    Cage light strings
    Portable halogen work lights
    Shaded living room lamps

Sound Equipment
1 Yamaha O2R Mixer
1 Apple Mac Mini Running Qlab 2
1 Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 FireWire Audio Interface
7 Meyer Sound UPM-1P Powered Speaker
2 Meyer Sound USW-1P Powered Subwoofer
5 EAW JF-80 Speaker
2 EAW VR-21 2-Way 12" Speaker
1 EAW FR-122hp 2-Way 12" Speaker
2 EAW  FR-153hp 3-Way 15" Speaker
1 JBL Control 1 Speaker
5 QSC PLX-2502 Power Amp
1 QSC PLX-1602 Power Amp
1 Sennheiser EW IEM G2 In-Ear Monitor
2 Audio Technica AT 5000 Wireless Mic System
2 Countryman B3 Lavalier


Davi Napoleon, a regular contributor to Live Design, is a freelance writer based in Michigan. Her book is Chelsea on the Edge: The Adventures of an American Theater.