The latest addition to Serapid’s venues includes six lifts installed in the Orange County Performing Arts Center, Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. The grand opening of the Concert Hall was held in September 2006.

Serapid, who draws on more than 30 years of equipment movement experience in the industrial market, has established itself as an award winning company for stage movement technology. Their engineers can custom design a system to suit your specific needs.

The building block of all Serapid products is the Rigid Chain–a chain that can push, pull, and lift with the strength of a steel column. The LinkLift provides simple solutions to many of the common challenges associated with stage engineering. Its simple design helps keep the lift system safe for on-stage performers.

The LinkLift accommodates high trim lifting applications quietly, smoothly, and safely. The square links work like building blocks to form a tower stack. The shape and locking technique of the links allow it to be capable of extra-high rigidity and strength. The LinkLift is capable of lifting up to 22,000 pounds! It is also able to absorb tensile forces, such as those found through seismic vibrations or the wave motions on a cruise ship.