Scharff Weisberg continues its support of the Washington (DC) National Opera by supplying Vari*Lite packages for the current production of Verdi’s Macbeth at the Kennedy Center Opera House. The Washington National Opera, under general director Placido Domingo, has been hailed for its work with operas on an epic scale.

The opera company was introduced to Scharff Weisberg when it was looking for a new lighting vendor. “We were frustrated with other vendors and needed to get competitive bids,” recalls assistant lighting designer, Jeff Bruckerhoff. “Scharff Weisberg not only came back with the best price but also a proven track record for its equipment.”

For Macbeth Scharff Weisberg furnished a package comprised primarily of Vari*Lite VL-3000 spot kits and Vari*Lite VL3000 rotating-glass units.

Earlier, the opera company employed Vari*Lite VL-1000 arcs from Scharff Weisberg in Wagner’s ongoing RingCycle. “They were hung over a steeply-raked stage to use as refocusable specials,” explains Bruckerhoff. “The VL1000s are integral to being able to match the color temperature of the other HMIs over the stage. They easily color correct for the other operas in our repertory, too, with a cut of L205+L206 to match the Source Four inventory. Their punch, zoom, capability, reliability, and color temperature all made the VLs a great choice for us.”

Bruckerhoff says he’d give Scharff Weisberg an “A+. They have reliable equipment and are easy to work with. We have a difficult delivery schedule, and Scharff Weisberg always offers timely delivery that’s well coordinated from a trucking standpoint. That’s paramount for us.”