One of the first productions to enjoy the features of Robert Juliat’s Lancelot was the stadium presentation of Ben Hur a combination of gladiatorial combats and the famous chariot race. The show, illumintated by 12 Lancelot and 56 2.5KW profiles, performed over five evenings in September at the Stade de France in Paris, with a total attendance of 300,000 spectators.

The Lancelot made its North American debut at LDI 2006 , and the long throw effects projector/followspot has a zoom range of 20 to 50. Designed around the 360,000 lumen 4KW HTI lamp from Osram, Lancelot retains the Robert Juliat trademarks of flat field, smooth dimming control, fully closing iris, and DMX, but introduces a completely new modular design that employs plug and play cartridges to give the lighting designer many additional options, including color mixing and rotating gobos.