The City of Brampton, Ontario is scheduled to open the Rose Theatre, a state-of-the-art performing arts complex, this Friday during a black-tie gala event with a special performance by jazz musician Diana Krall.

With its 880-seat main theatre already fully booked for the first year, a 160-seat secondary hall and community space for meetings, the Rose Theatre is a collaboration of efforts by a Toronto-based design team. One of the key players on this team is Novita, a company that has played a leading role in the development of more than a 100 theatre facilities in Canada, the US, and abroad.

“Based on their previous work experience in theatre design and technical expertise, we chose to work with Novita on the Rose Theatre project,” explains Mansoor Kazerouni of Page + Steele Architects.

Having been engaged by the City for the project in 1999, Novita worked alongside City staff to develop the parameters for the theatre and to create a space that suited its location in the historic downtown core. “This project is a great investment in Brampton’s arts community,” notes Regional Councillor for the city, Elaine Moore. “Novita has been a key player in creating a magnificent space that will continue to be a project Brampton is greatly proud of.”

Sol Wassermuhl, the partner in charge of the project at Page + Steele, was also quick to compliment Novita on their involvement. “We could not be happier with the end result. Novita are truly team players and they have helped design a world class theatre where sightlines are terrific and the acoustics fabulous.”

As a key member of the Rose Theatre design team, Novita’s role in the project included facility planning, design of the main auditorium including seating and sightlines, and the design and specification of theatrical systems and equipment valued in excess of $2.5 million. Novita’s responsibilities also included the design for the Rose Theatre’s unique seating layout and impeccable sightlines.

“This was an exceptional project for us,” comments Brian Arnott, president and founder of Novita. “The City of Brampton was an outstanding client and they gave us the freedom to do what we do well. We have built more than 100 facilities and, without a doubt, the Rose Theatre is the best.”

Novita’s challenge was to create a 900-seat auditorium where every audience member feels close to the stage. The facility also has to be good for all kinds of shows ranging from popular and classical music, modern dance and ballet, to Broadway musicals, headliners and stars. Upcoming events at the venue include a run of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats, and performances by Jann Arden and David Clayton Thomas.

"Novita did a terrific job of designing this auditorium,” comments Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell. “It feels as though you can reach out and touch the performers, even from the furthest seat in the house."

Now completed, the Rose Theatre will allow Brampton to bring the very best in professional entertainment from across the country and around the world while also establishing a place where the local performing arts community can flourish. Steve Solski, Manager of Arts, Culture and Theatre for the City of Brampton is quick to clarify that the Rose Theatre “was not designed to compete or to be compared with other venues. It was built to satisfy the needs of the Brampton community.”