Medialon Manager played a key role in True Love Is Yet To Come, a live multimedia play by Danish artist Jesper Just at the PERFORMA05 festival in New York City.

The PERFORMA Commissions program originates new productions and supports artists in the creation of exceptional multimedia performances. True Love Is Yet To Come deals with the conflict between rationality and passion in a reserved man who yearns to liberate his innermost feelings. The large-scale production was realized with Danish production company Vision3. Life-like and life-size 3D projections of singers, including members of the Finnish Men’s Screaming Choir, were projected alongside a live singer, Baard Owe.

In the play, 3D front and rear projections were combined with lights and prerecorded audio files. To keep the sync between the video, sound, and light components the sole actor on stage received a click track in his ear.

Medialon Manager was chosen to coordinate video playback, the click-track cueing system and the audio files as well as serve as backup for the lighting console. To accomplish this, the Medialon Manager PC supplied a DVI optical output playing HD MPEG with 25mbs, a VG output playing regular MPEG, an audio channel playing click track, an audio board playing Ac3 files in 7.1 output, a MIDI output to control audio mixer channels and levels, a DMX output to playback light cues and a Digitizer used as a user interface to the technician controlling units and the show programming in Manager.

Copenhagen-based Hentech was in charge of the Medialon Manager set up and programming. Henrik Krarup was on site and responsible for the show’s technical design and HD video editing.

Krarup already had experience in using Medialon Manager as a combined show controller and HD video/audio playback unit, so the choice of Medialon Manager was easy. “Since we had limited time and equipment transport possibilities to New York, we decided to extend the use of Manager by adding a second video playback output and the 7.1 audio output and extending the power of the PC so we only had one unit to bring along. It turned out to be a perfect solution, one we will use in upcoming shows,” he says.