Check out sound designer Simon Baker's sound gear for Matilda on Broadway at the Schubert Theatre.

Venue: Schubert Theatre
Sound Designer: Simon Baker
Production Sound Engineer: Phil Lojo
Asscosiate Sound Designer: Tony Smolenski


Consoles/System Control
1 DiGiCo SD7T Console
3 DiGiCo SD Racks
1 DiGiCo SD8 Console
2 Yamaha DME64N
8 Yamaha MY16AE Card
8 Meyer Sound Galileo 616AES

3 APC Smart UPS 1500VA RM
3 TC Electronic M6000 MKII
2 TC Electronic M3000
2 Apple Mac Pro 3.2Ghz Quad Core/8Gb RAM
1 Apple Logic Pro 9
2 Lynx AES 16 Card
1 Audio Ease Speakerphone v2
1 Audio Ease Altiverb v7
2 dbx 160SL Compressor
1 Rosendahl Nanoclock
1 Rosendahl MIF-4 MIDI to LTC
1 Canford Audio MIDI Distro
2 Sonifex RedBox DA

1 Figure 53 Dual Qlab System

Wireless Microphone Systems
40 Sennhieser SK5212
40 Sennhieser 1046
DPA 4061 microphones

Wired Microphones
1 Audix D6 (Kick)
3 Audix i5 (Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Wood Block)
1 Audix SCX1 (High Hat)
3 Audix D2 (Toms x3)
2 Audix D4 (Floor Tom and Bass)
1 Earthworks SR25 Matched Pair (Overheads)
2 DPA 4021  (Cello/Bass)
4 DPA 411(Horn Section)
7 AKG 414  (Timps, Glock, Tam Tam, Toys Misc)
2 Neumann U87
6 Sennheiser MKH40 (Reeds and Wood Wind/Acc Gtr)
6 Neuman KM185 (Strings/Acc Gtr)
8 BSS Audio AR133 DI
4 Shure SM58

Loudspeaker Systems
38 Meyer Sound M’lodie Loudspeaker
4 Meyer Sound UPQ
6 Meyer Sound 500HP
4 Meyer Sound 650HP
35 d&b audiotechnik T10
6 d&b audiotechnik E3
8 Meyer Sound UPJ
6 Meyer Sound UPM-1P
40 Martin Audio Effect 3R
8 d&B audiotechnik E0 8

Amplifiers and Processors
14 d&B D12 Amplifier
6 Lab.Gruppen fp2400 Amplifier

Band Foldback and Monitoring
6 Anchor Audio AN1000 Self Powered Monitor
1 Formula Sound Q18 System
4 IEM Kits for Drummer and Percussion

Reverse Wireless/Prop Speakers
3 TX/RX/Self Powered Speaker Systems