Martin Professional Hong Kong has reached an agreement with Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) to set up an STA/Martin technical training center in Eastern China and an STA/Martin lighting practice center in the near future. Martin will lend further support by providing lighting equipment valued at over one million Chinese RMB in order to facilitate the set up of a lighting laboratory. Martin will also provide a generous scholarship for STA’s Stage Art Institute.

During the negotiations, Raymond Wong, managing director of Martin Professional Hong Kong, acknowledged Shanghai Theatre Academy’s reputation as one of the most popular universities in China thanks to its long history, well-facilitated infrastructure, and large number of qualified professionals. Under the guiding principles of education, and based on mutual benefit and respect, Martin and STA have achieved consensus on lab developments and use of STA’s facilities. Two vice presidents from STA, Han Sheng and Liu Zhigang, expressed their heartfelt thanks for Martin’s kind offer, stating their belief that not only would the program increase mutual understanding, but would also lay the cornerstone for future cooperation.

Soren Storm, head of Martin’s Singaporean subsidiary, and Kasper Gissel, head of business development at the company’s Danish headquarters, also attended the signing ceremony. They praised the cooperation highly as a philanthropic example of goodwill and appealed to more enterprises to focus on education in China.

Martin Professional Hong Kong Ltd. was founded in 2000 and has established branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as well as an extensive sales network throughout China. Its product range mainly covers lighting equipment for TV studio, theatres, concerts, DJ’s, clubs, and architecture.