The Spoon Group finds Look Solutions’ Tiny-Fogger to be an effective solution for many onstage challenges posed by shows on Broadway and touring in the US and internationally.

“Tiny-Foggers are great—we really like them,” says Spoon Group project manager, Maria Balboa. “We’re really happy with their performance: They last a long time and it’s easy to get batteries and chargers for them no matter where we are in the world.”

The Tiny-Fogger was used on every production of Spamalot, Balboa notes, from its Broadway run to tours in Las Vegas and Australia. “The show features a campfire, so we built a prop campfire and installed a Tiny-Fogger and switch so it lights up and smokes,” she explains.

The device is also “perfect for a small prop that has to smoke” such as the burnt chicken in La Cage Aux Folles and a charred London Broil that emerged from Felix Unger’s oven in The Odd Couple on Broadway.

The Spoon Group also built an iron for Hairspray on Broadway and for the Hairspray National Tour and recently built a cauldron for The Magic Treehouse, which is opening in Connecticut at the Warner Theatre.