The Ratchada Grand Theatre in Bangkok is one of the world’s grandest stages. For its feature show, Siam Niramit, a theatrical spectacular of Thai art and cultural heritage, heavy fog was required for several scenes.

Held nightly in the luxurious 2,000-seat Ratchada Theatre, Siam Niramit stars 150 performers with over 100 stage crew and technicians on hand for support. It is in fact one of the largest stage productions in the world. With a stage area measuring 65m wide by 40m deep, the task of covering this immense space in fog posed a unique challenge.

Enter eight Jem Glaciator X-Stream Heavy Foggers. Incorporated into several of the elaborate scenes--Heaven, Mighty Capital Ayutthaya, and Mystical Himapaan--the Glaciator has proven both efficient and easy to operate.

Supplied by Martin’s Thailand representative, Mahajak of Bangkok, the Glaciator was chosen for its single phase simplicity (other brands need three phases) and Jem heavy fog fluid ease. Not only will Jem’s heavy fog fluid not affect oxygen levels in the theatre (like CO2 and dry ice will), it also dispenses with the cost and logistical mess of dry ice and CO2.