Drapes and scenic specialists J&C Joel launches its line of Brusan, a revolutionary new innovation for the entertainment industry, made by LDC International.

Custom-designed with set builders in mind, Brusan is a unique scenic product that is produced by laminating aluminum and textile together to form a highly flexible, distortable fabric with no elastic return.

J&C Joel’s Fiona Blackett states, “We chose Brusan to complement the diverse range of theatrical fabrics that J&C Joel already offers. It’s absolutely unique and also highly practical for our industry, allowing set pieces to be made quickly and easily. It is also re-usable which is perfect for touring companies or those with limited storage space for sets from past productions.”

She adds that they think Brusan is a great product for all of J&C Joel’s clients across the various market sectors.

Brusan’s flexibility enables endless possibilities in terms of the quick and easy creation textures, three-dimensional shapes and special effects. It will be ideal for situations like conferences, corporate presentations, fashion shows and TV productions which require sets to be built with very short production lead times. It is also a perfect and cost-effective solution for traditional theatrical applications.

Brusan will support its own weight, and can easily be shaped and re-shaped as each performance or project dictates. It is highly cuttable and gluable, water repellent, heat resistant and conforms to grade M1 fire retardancy.

The reflective qualities of the aluminium and three dimensional appearance of the fabric also take light really well, another plus point for theatrical/dramatic environments and a fabulous surface with which lighting designers can work.

Brusan will be added to J&C Joel’s already wide range of materials and fabrics.

Four types of Brusan will be stocked. Brusan Cotton is a two sided white cotton canvas; Brusan Cretone comes as either single sided natural/silver or double sided natural for painting; Brusan Cotton Fleece gives an ideal snow effect and Brusan Veil comes in either gold or silver, offering a similar textural effect to Lame.