There’s no end to the cool, informative things available on the Web. Take, for instance, ETC’s new Source Four® fixture "mini-site" featuring everything you need to know about the popular lights in an interactive, graphic mode.

The mini-site’s home page gives viewers a concise end-to-end tour of the Source Four® spotlight. The History page tells the chronological story of the Source Four® family, when each light was introduced by ETC and the technical innovations that have made it an award-winner.

The Photometrics page is allows users to pick a lamp and see both the field diameter and the footcandle/lux readings for that fixture at that distance.

And finally, people who have had a real-world demo of ETC’s new Source Four EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube) option know that you have to see the new lens tube in action to appreciate its image-sharpening power. The mini-site’s virtual demo shows the before-and-after ultra-crisp gobo effect made possible by the EDLT.

The mini-site can also be accessed via ETC’s general web site.