d&b audiotechnik is holding a one-day workshop for sound system designers on Thursday, May 19, at the New York City Center Theatre in Manhattan. “Tools for System Designers” will walk designers through the task of implementing a system that delivers both nuance and power to every seat in the house. John Taylor and Ralf Zuleeg from d&b audiotechnik's International Application Support Team will lead the audience safely through the dark caverns of technical mumbo jumbo and geek speak to audio enlightenment. The keys to successful system design and implementation will be demonstrated and discussed in a lively manner.

At the 'Tools for System Designers' workshop, designers will discover how speaker selection and placement affects stability before feedback. Participants will master the intricacies of time alignment and precedence. System tuning methods will be discussed, allowing designers to avoid the pratfalls of system “de-optimization.” Room acoustics and modelling techniques will also be covered.

The 'Tools for System Designers' workshop held by d&b audiotechnik will enable designers to remain passionate and obsessive about their system spec. To register, visit www.dbaudio.com/news/events.