Lincoln Center Theatre's production of Tom Stoppard's remarkable trilogy, The Coast of Utopia, continues to dazzle audiences at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre, where it runs through May 13. Shipwreck, Part 2 of this hardy three-part concoction of verbal badinage and historical debate, centers on the visionary Russian leader Alexander Herzen and his fellow revolutionaries during a period of exile, primarily in Paris, where they find themselves swept up in the social upheaval of the French revolution of 1848. Bob Crowley and Scott Pask teamed up on the scenic design for the trilogy, creating a stunning vision of Paris as the centerpiece for Shipwreck, with bold lighting by Kenneth Posner.

Live Design's trilogy on The Coast of Utopia continues in the March issue with a look at Salvage, Part 3, as our revolutionary heroes plot the overthrow of the czar.