Triveni Digital has announced that 12Stone™ Church is using the Ensignia™ digital signage system to distribute targeted audio and video content throughout its new campus in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Triveni Digital's turnkey digital signage solution, provided through dB Audio & Video, enables 12Stone to deliver high-quality live video feeds, prepared programs and event promotions, graphics, and informative ticker content to specific zones across multiple worship areas.

"Triveni Digital's Ensignia system proved to be a great fit for 12Stone, providing the church with an efficient, straightforward solution for the delivery of dynamic communications," says Ronnie Stanford, who is both a member of the congregation and a systems advisor at dB Audio & Video. "With templates already in place, we can load and update content very quickly—typically in just 15 to 30 minutes each week. This ability to communicate clear, compelling messages is invaluable in relating our purpose and vision, as well as in informing church members and visitors about coming events. We've been very pleased with how well Ensignia has performed in meeting this vital function."

The new Highway 20 Campus of 12Stone Church features five worship environments: a 2,600-seat worship center for the adults, a 300-seat high school worship center, a 200-seat middle school worship center, and two additional worship centers for younger children. The church has installed three channels, or zones, to enable delivery of live video or prepackaged content specific to different areas of the church, depending on how that space is being used at any given time and by whom.

As 12Stone visitors walk around the semicircle that encloses the building's central atrium, they pass through each of these zones. A total of 10 displays are being used for digital signage distribution. The installation includes two displays near the middle school worship area, and three more situated next to the coffee bar adjacent to the high school and college worship area, which is used for live simulcasts of Sunday services. On the second floor, two additional displays are located above the entrances to the main worship center, one more outside the elementary worship area, and one each in the green room and nursing mom's room, used primarily to provide a live feed of services.

Ensignia digital signage systems provide reliable distribution of content with a low per-screen cost of deployment. Triveni Digital's expertise and experience in the broadcast market ensures the quality of video delivery, and the integration of LG Electronics display screens with integrated controllers, simplifies installation and maintenance while reducing footprint requirements. Content can range from simple text and still images to full-motion video, with or without audio. An easy-to-use scheduling system makes it easy to keep digital signage content up to date.

"The 12Stone installation is a wonderful example of how digital signage can enhance the worship setting," notes Ralph Bachofen, senior director, product management and marketing at Triveni Digital. "The presence of well-placed digital signage displays allows any visitor who enters the new facility to be drawn immediately into the vision and life of the church."