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  • ETC's Eos Motorized Fader Wings
    Jul 12, 2016
    press release

    Fly Through Live Programming With ETC Eos Motorized Fader Wings

    In live-programming situations, the job is all about speed.  Now ETC’s Eos® family toolkit includes even more hands-on control for fast programming on the fly.  The new Eos Motorized Fader Wings function as modular add-ons to Eos consoles or systems, allowing users to build the perfect control desk for any live show. ...More
  • Jul 7, 2016
    press release

    ADJ’s Newest Moving Head Zooms Into Focus

    At the heart of this new fixture is an incredibly powerful 100W white LED light-source, which generates piercing beams and sharp pattern projections....More
  • Jul 6, 2016
    press release

    The ENTTEC Aleph2 ET DX4

  • Jun 27, 2016
    press release

    Mega-Lite Introduces the Axis Grid

    San Antonio, TX, June 27, 2016 - The Axis Grid is a superb new eye-candy fixture with infinite pan and tilt. This moving head has 36 LEDs arranged in a grid capable of pixel control for displaying letters, numbers, and shapes. And, the unit’s 10-watt RGBW LEDs create a colorful, punchy beam. The Axis Grid features both infinite pan and tilt, making it a more dynamic moving head fixture. The Axis Grid is controlled via DMX 512 or ArtNet and has a macro channel featuring pre-programmed letters and numbers....More
  • Jun 21, 2016
    press release

    ADJ Launches Two New COB LED Ellipsoidals

    The new Encore Profile 1000 WW is a professional ellipsoidal fixture that utilizes a 120W warm-white COB LED with a color temperature of 3200k, CRI 98. It generates a high-power beam that can be used for everything from lighting performers on stage to projecting sharp GOBO patterns....More
  • Jun 20, 2016
    press release

    140 Solaris Mozarts Featured on Hall & Oates 2016 Tour

    The Daryl Hall and John Oates 2016 tour kicked off this year at New York’s Madison Square Garden and will continue through the summer. Nashville based Morris, in collaboration with famed designer Jesper Luth, provided the production and lighting design. Featured in the design are 140 Solaris Mozart fixtures. “While these lights are small in scale, they make an incredible impact, encompassing both performers in light and creating a warm, asymmetrical backdrop for the show,” says Jessica Charlton of Morris....More
  • Jun 3, 2016
    press release

    Mega-Lite Introduces The Lumen8 Surface

    San Antonio, TX, June 3, 2016 - Introducing the Lumen8 Surface, an all-in-one lighting console with a built-in quad core processor that is both powerful and intuitive. This robust lighting console features 2 built-in universes, 8 additional art-net out, and an expand port for up to 10 Lumen8 Stations in series. The Lumen8 Surface offers a professional interface with a more visual approach to lighting control. Forget overcomplicated platforms and see control in a new light with the Lumen8 Surface....More
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