At the recent Niche Market Designer Showcase held by International Special Events Society (ISES), members thought they were entering a warehouse until they were welcomed—in true DaVinci Fusion style—to a land where fantasy and reality intersect. Upon entering DaVinci Fusion’s 40,000-sq.-ft. space, guests could see the best and most innovative in event design while enjoying fabulous cuisine, flowing champagne, outrageous décor, and an inspirational guest speaker.

DaVinci Fusion, a longtime ISES member, housed and supported the veritable banquet of ideas. The innovative showcase highlighted five top designers: Cappa and Graham; Events by Morgan; Events of Distinction; Sasha Souza Events; and Where to Start Wedding and Event Management, who were invited to create a 12’x20’ tabletop area for a specific event and pair their decor with a creative appetizer. Each designer teamed up with a top caterer to create the perfect combination of style and taste. Event themes were as varied as they were interesting and included Wine Country, Modern Black and White Vintage Glam, High Society of Pacific Heights, Hollywood and a Romantic Chocolate Fantasy.

DaVinci Fusion was the go-to company, supporting the designers’ lighting and electrical needs; furnishing props as needed; crafting the shell of black drape demarcating each designer’s area; and building walls to simulate a house for the High Society theme. The company’s warehouse was open for tours and its amazing showroom proved to be a unique lunch venue.

When guests arrived and registered they entered an array of seating areas, each one designed to immerse guests in a completely different environment. Guests could begin their tour of the Designer Showcase or order a beverage from the iconic bar created for the original Star Wars. But no extraterrestrials were in sight, as far as we know! Guests were blown away by the amazing displays of creativity by the designers who sparked the imaginations of all who attended.

When lunch was announced everyone entered the previously off-limits DaVinci Fusion Showroom, where they were in for a big surprise: an elaborate lunch set up for 210 people. Metallic black table linens were complemented by opalescent chargers; crystal with contemporary lines; and breathtaking centerpieces from various floral designers invited to participate. Ringing the walls of the showroom were many custom-built DaVinci Fusion sets, which added more visual stimulation as guests began their meal. Some vignettes included Film de Noir, Harry Potter, Navy, Western, San Francisco, Tikki (complete with volcano) and A Classic Diner.

After the first course, DaVinci Fusion president (AND past ISES president) Solomon Rosenzweig, who was introduced by Linda Thompson, appeared on a stage composed of an elegant Art Deco set with an illuminated staircase placed in front of a huge projection screen. With Rosenzweig poised on the first step of the staircase, music to “Leave Me Breathless” was heard and a slideshow of recent DaVinci Fusion shows was displayed. The fast-paced and impressive presentation—followed by welcoming remarks from Rosenzweig—left guests breathless indeed.

The event concluded with speaker Richard Aaron, president of BizBash Media and a pioneer in the modern events profession. Aaron, a former Broadway actor, was heard before he was seen: He came onstage singing entertaining songs, including lyrics from Grease, with new lines citing DaVinci Fusion and ISES. He brought down the house even before he began presenting the latest and greatest Breakthrough Ideas for Experiential Events.

The first public event ever held at the DaVinci Fusion warehouse was a huge success--what a memorable way to make a debut! "The work of all the participants was beautiful and very well done!" concludes Rosenzweig.