For the presentation of its latest collection, the Swedish fashion company H&M staged a lavish fashion show in New York featuring Kayne West, John Legend and Miri Ben-Ari and an elaborate moving set consisting of three rings of trusses, each a different size, maneuvered by 19 VarioLifts from ChainMaster.

The equipment was supplied by Stone Pro Rigging supported by ChainMaster's North American distribution partner Show Distribution. During the show, the operator at his PC was able to control the movements of the set with millimeter precision as well as continuously monitoring the loads of the VarioLifts. What was particularly important was that the movements (including starts and stops) be performed smoothly without jerking the trussing structure around or producing vibrations.

ChainMaster of Eilenburg has been producing chain hoists and controllers for theatrical and show stages since 1990, references including the Pentagon Museum, the Kremlin and the international tours of Metallica, Paul McCartney, and U2. The Saxony-based firm is now one of the leading suppliers of chain hoists and chain-hoist controllers in the world. Among ChainMaster’s greatest successes has been the development of the VarioLift. As well as developing a powerful distribution network inside Germany, ChainMaster has been particularly successful in the export market, exports currently accounting for around 60 percent of the company’s turnover.