Compulite Vector control systems and Hippotizer media servers, all supplied via Stagetec Distribution, provided all the intelligent lighting and media control on the latest production of Britain’s X Factor – Battle of the Stars, which features nine celebrity acts performing to raise money for a chosen charity.

A Compulite Vector Blue operated by Russell Grubiak controlled the three Hippotizer Stage media servers, all running in dual output mode and a Vector Green operated by Bill Peachment controlled the intelligent lighting rig. The rig consisted of 34 Vari-lite VL3000 Spot, 32 Vari-lite VL3000 Wash, 30 Vari-lite VL5, 34 Vari-lite VL6c, 10 Vari-lite VL1000TSFrm, four High End Cyberlights, 20 James Thomas Pixel PAR 90, 46 James Thomas Pixel Line 1044, and 36 Pulsar Chroma Strip fixtures. The fixtures were run on eight streams of DMX transmitted via Ethernet from the Vector.

The Hippos are controlling the Color Kinetics iColor tiles under the floor, the SoftLED curtains around the back of the stage, the Barco screens either side of the stage and the Color Kinetics SL Flex strips around the Xs.

Lighting Director Dave Davey comments, “The Hippotizer systems are great, the graphics are extremely smooth and fast. The ability to network the Hippos to the Vector and be able to browse the media directly on the Vector touch screens makes browsing and selecting media quick and easy.”

Moving light programmer Bill Peachment comments, “I have been a Vector fan since it’s introduction and now that media servers are becoming more and more popular the interface with the Hippotizer makes our life so much easier. The control screen on the Hippotizer is clear, easy to use and provides exactly the information the lighting team need.”

X Factor: Battle of the Stars featured a gruelling schedule for all involved with live shows on 8 consecutive nights, rehearsals started at 9am each day and the shooting didn’t finish until 11pm each night.