W-DMX is proving its power to Europe in the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest, to be held May 10 and 12 in Helsinki, Finland. 37 W-DMX Generation 3 BlackBox units, manufactured by Wireless Solution Sweden AB, will be used to send wireless DMX signal to moving trusses and other equipment during the show, eliminating the need for excess cable.

W-DMX will control a total of six universes of DMX, including moving trusses containing Syncrolite B-52s and moving lights. It is also used on a 120cm large prism mirror ball suspended from the ceiling, custom assembled mobile fog machines, and a Cyberhoist-rigged Fogscreen that descends from above the stage during the interval act.

The new W-DMX Generation 3 BlackBox has a high power radio output with up to 375mW and uses AFHSS and TDMA to avoid interference—even in a television broadcast environment loaded with 24 cameras and a hostile radio signal atmosphere.

Eurovision Song Contest is a massive production that doesn’t take any chances with equipment failure—further proof that W-DMX is the most dependable wireless DMX system on the market. Ola Melzig, production manager for Eurovision 2007 says, “It’s working very, very well and we haven’t had any problems.”

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