TV Guide announced and premiered its new larger format magazine in grand style at the classic HOLLYWOOD Roosevelt Hotel. Taking the size of the magazine to a larger format called for a gala premier on a large scale.

ShowPro was called upon by producer Tony Schubert of Event 11 to do just that: “Make something large, use the buildings and grand landscape of the classic hotel to make a statement with high impact lighting, scenic projection, and LED sculptures." David Smith, president of Showpro says, “Tony had a concept for giving this premier a unique ambiance and wanted multiple display options to support the fact that the well known publication was going to be bigger in its physical size. My creative team decided to support it with massive scenic, large format projections and lighting on the building and hotel areas along with LED sculptures.”

David Flad, Showpro lighting designer, lit the trendy Tropicana pool area at the Roosevelt with stunning color and breakup patterns. Missy Elliot’s performance was lit with Martin MAC 2000 Wash and Spot fixtures. And of course the interior elements were lit by Flad to give it that “loungey” feel.

For this event two massive projections were put on the rear facade of the hotel standing an impressive 15 stories high. Again, Schubert had a creative vision for the projections that Ben Cobb, the projectionist on the project, was able to make happen. Utilizing the powerful Hardware Xenon 7K projector, the projections easily covered the necessary height of 15 stories. The front of the hotel and the adjacent TV Guide building facing Hollywood Boulevard was painted with Vari-Lite VL 3000s and MAC 2000s displaying graphics with full color litho gobos.

Massive LED sculptures were placed around the main stage, flanking the DJ and on two vertical columns where IMAG was done by Warren Tash of AV Concepts. Also the event included a segment where the MC found Missy Elliot in her suite and brought her on stage after she had a bad ankle sprain. The LED towers became an intregal scenic element on the stage.

TV Guide’s new "super sized" format got off to a great start with this bigger than life event.

Production Team

Producer: Tony Schubert Event Eleven
ShowPro Lighting Designer: David Flad
ShowPro Production Manager: Adam Rosen
Lighting and projection company: ShowPro Video camera, IMAG production: Warren Tash, AV Concepts
Video content creation: jon 9
LED supplier: Video Equipment Rentals


28 MAC 2K Profiles
14 MAC 2K Washes
12 MAC 600 NTEs
14 Vari-Lite VL3000s
Two Hardware Xenon LF 7K Scenic projectors
100 ETC Source Four PARs
80 Source Four Lekos
48 Tile Barco Dlite 7 LED