Leading boat manufacturer Chaparral Boats, Inc. purchased a Global Truss America tradeshow booth package for the 65th Miami International Boat Show, February 16-20 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Included in the package was a 16’ circular trussing logo, which carried the Chaparral name and caught visitors’ attention as they entered the show floor.

As large as a basketball court, Chaparral’s 55’x75’ booth featured eight 20’ columns of Global Truss Square 12” Trussing that supported a horizontal truss beam set at 10’ high, which ran around the booth’s perimeter. The sleek, industrial-looking display supported the lighting system that showcased eight recreational boats ranging in length from 18’ to 31’.

Springtree Media Group, the company that designed and constructed Chaparral’s booth, put the final touch on the display by flying Chaparral’s logo framed in a 16’ circular trussing frame above the booth. The booth stood out in a sea of 2,300 exhibitors spread over three locations on more than 2.5 million sq.ft. of exhibition space.

“We decided to use the Global Truss trade show booth system because it offers an amazing versatility,” says Peter Vaque, president of Springtree Media Group. “It’s a lightweight system that can easily be configured to create booths of all shapes and sizes, depending on the venue. Plus, it’s very quick and easy to assemble, which is very important at trade shows.”

The flexibility of the trade show booth system was tested sooner than expected at the Miami show, where a low ceiling caused an emergency redesign of Chaparral’s booth only hours before the opening of the exhibits. “It was barely a problem,” Vaque says. “We brought the booth back to the proper dimensions as easily as assembling Legos.”

The Global Truss trade show booth utilizes conical couplings and universal junctions to connect the different segments of truss together. The conical shape of the couplers helps maintain the overall rigidity, especially at key stress points. The conical couplings also allow for truss segments to be genderless, giving each piece a greater versatility.

Global Truss trade show booth system is made out of the same high-strength 6082-T6 extruded aluminum alloy the company uses for its renowned stage trussing. The sturdy, lightweight frame provides exhibitors with reliable support to showcase their display. All trussing manufactured by Global Truss bears the TÜV seal of approval-a third party certification body and a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

Chaparral was so pleased with the trussing system that the boat manufacturer decided to purchase, rather than rent, their Global Truss show booth package.

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