When pop sensation Shakira needed some custom equipment for her Oral Fixation tour, Tomcat and Production Resource Group (PRG) were all too happy to help with the project.

In all, Tomcat USA fabricated 30 custom light frames with each individual frame designed to hold six Par 64 short fixtures. When assembled, the wall is five frames tall and six frames wide with each column of frames supported independently. Each frame is approximately 87" long x 58" tall and 18" wide and arranged so that the fixtures would be on 29" center through the entire wall. To make the system load-in and load-out more quickly, the design included locking over-center latches to hold the frames together as they are assembled vertically. All of this equipment was powder coated flat black.

The Oral Fixation tour began its Stateside visit in El Paso, TX at the beginning of August 2006. That leg of the tour continued for six weeks to sold out dates throughout the US and wrapped up in Hildago, TX. The tour continues with stops in Mexico, Columbia, Chile, and Argentina throughout for late September/early October. The Columbian singer/songwriter is supporting her latest album, Oral Fixation Vol. 2, released in November 2005.