Element Labs' Stealth™ technology took data display to the extreme at X Games 13 this month at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

For the first time in its five-year history, ESPN's X Games moved from static to interactive data display for the BMX and Skateboard "Big Air" events. Element Labs' Stealth LED video display system was used to show realtime height results, as well as sponsor logos and other full animations. The modular flexibility of the Stealth panels allowed the construction of a "huck-o-meter" as a 30-foot high cylinder with a seven-and-a-half-foot diameter at the top of the 27-foot quarter pipe ramp.

The annual X Games is the premier action sports event in the world, featuring athletes from across the globe competing for medals and prize money in the following sports: BMX Freestyle, Moto X, Skateboard, Surfing, and Rally Car Racing. X Games 13 was telecast live on ESPN and ABC.

"We needed to create and enhance the dramatic experience of X Games to a level beyond any other sporting event," says Phil Orlins, coordinating producer, X Games. " Stealth allowed us to create a visually spectacular display that took the experience to a whole new level for the live crowd and TV audience. Stealth is a very versatile product. We were able to create a variety of looks with one product; from theatrical enhancements to a high-quality video display. The transparency allowed us to provide a dynamic visual display without obstructing spectator sightlines, which has always been a challenge in the past."

X Games also created a backdrop for the Moto X start with Stealth panels.” The screen was used to display athlete names, animations, sponsor information, and a full line cut so the crowd could see replays,” says Molly MacDonald, director of event production for the X Games. "It was a great experience working with the team from Element Labs," adds MacDonald. "Everyone we worked with was highly knowledgeable and passionate about their product. It's clear that the people at Element Labs believe strongly in their product, with good reason, as we discovered at the X Games."