Slingco will showcase the Cablenet tension wire grid system, Unibar, and also present Vortek’s range of motorized rigging solutions, including a new Point Hoist.

Slingco’s legendary CableNet tension wire grid system continues to be a favorite method for creating a safe and flexible environment from which technical staff, including wheelchair users, can work at height in all types of venues or spaces.

Slingco was the first British-based company to design, manufacture, and install a tensioned wire grid, and recent theatre installations include a completely circular grid in the newly re-opened Roundhouse Theatre in London, which contains a rare circular CableNet, the third one ever installed in the UK.

The CableNet system is created by weaving and tensioning high tensile steel cable within a frame, which is then hoisted to the required level in a theatre or concert hall to create a safe 'virtual floor'®. Lighting, audio, AV technicians, and riggers can work on this in complete confidence. Virtually invisible from ground level, a key benefit is that no shadows are cast from lighting rigs positioned above.

CableNet is incredibly flexible. Systems can be modular or custom-woven on site to accommodate any layout or room shape. It can be installed around features such as columns, pillars, and arches, and sleeves can be incorporated into the mesh to allow the movement of cable-controlled equipment through the platform.

Other recent Slingco CableNet installations include the world’s largest to date – at Bournemouth International Centre; Perth Concert Hall, Glasgow Concert Hall. Helsingborg Theatre in Sweden and the new Junction 2 Theatre in Cambridge, England. A new CableNet system at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge School, Suffolk also enables grid access for wheelchair users; a first in the UK.

Vortek Point Hoist
Slingco is also the UK representative for US manufacturer Hoffend’s Vortek rigging system and recently launched the new Vortek® Point Hoist module in the UK. The Vortek Point is lightweight, self contained, portable, and rugged, and ideal for many theatrical and entertainment type applications.

Features include a speed and lifting capacity of 0 – 180 ft/min at up to 1200 lbs of lifting capacity or 0 - 90 ft/min at up to 1400 lbs of lifting capacity, with additional load/speed combinations available. A standard travel distance (for vertical and horizontal mounts) of 65 and 100 ft is available, and the wire rope is available in both 3/16” (5 mm) & 1/4” (6 mm) gauges.

Vortek Point Hoist modules can be attached to a single I-beam (replacing chain hoists), or wheeled to a position on the grid, with dual zero fleet angle lift lines dropping directly out of the unit. The modules can be positioned or mounted in either of two directions, and each Hoist module has two lift lines for different configurations.

Modules can be integrated into the Vortek Automated Control’s (VAC) Pro-Series control system. This allows the hoists to accomplish full grouping, cueing, load profiling and all the other Pro-Control functions, along with the rest of the Vortek rigging system.

All Point Hoists are equipped with dual braking systems. There’s a continuously engaged, strictly mechanical Vortek load brake, plus an electro-magnetic motor brake rated at a minimum of 150% of the motor’s rated torque.

Slingco’s Unibar winch system allows for the quick and easy raising/lowering of suspension or battens for scenery and lighting equipment with a motor-driven unit. It is a flexible, user-friendly unit designed for installing onto structures including universal beams, trussing, channels, and barrels.

The Unibar is a cost-effective alternative to the more sophisticated power-assisted winch sets. It fills a gap between these types of products and manual winches or hemp sets. Initially available in 250 or 400kg models with single- or two-speed options, the entire Unibar unit is self-contained, with the motor unit positioned on the end of the track.

Single or three-phase power options are available, and other product highlights include simple, logical plug-and-play operation. Dual brakes are available as an option, and the control panel can be either be wall-mounted or operated by handheld remote.