Serious Stages supplied one of their 65ft standard leg Space Roof stages, complete with the new Super Deck, to Live Nation for a series of Summer Concerts at Harewood House near Leeds, England.

The four-Bay Space Roof was supplied complete with 40ft x 20ft goal post PA and video wings, ramp, handrails, and disabled platform. It also featured Serious's newly improved anti-slip steps and a solid new handrail design. The roof offers 45ft of headroom, plenty of height for lighting, and a distributed SWL of 11 tons per arch, with a center load of 6 tons.

New Super Deck
Serious also took care of the decking, using a combination of their standard Black Deck as well as their new Super Deck. The Super Deck ran at a 20ft depth across the front of the stage. This is specially designed to give a virtually flat finish, with no discernible gaps between the deck sections, and ideal for dance performances, bands, and other artists who like to maximize the full space.

The decking comes in 7.8ft x 7.8ft to 7.8ft x 15.75ft sections. It's pre-built into scaffolding platforms, which are then craned into position, complete with supporting steelwork. The Super Deck is being progressively introduced across all of Serious's larger staging jobs, and will be used for full decking systems in the future.

New Watertight 'Cowsheds'
The Harewood House shows also featured Serious’s new 'cowshed' side stage storage areas, specially designed covered areas that integrate with the Space Roof offering watertight protection for dimmer cities, monitor worlds, and storage of all types. The bespoke anti-sag sheeting provides extra security against water build ups and resulting potentially fatal dumps onto valuable kit if the wind gets up.

Serious' crew of 18 was led by Aleksis Zarins and completed the build on schedule.