Scharff Weisberg teamed with Alexendria, VA-based Velocity Communications Group on the Xerox Corporate Industry Analyst & Consultant Briefing (IAB) at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, providing extensive audio, video, and lighting equipment for the event and supervising set construction on site. The IAB attracted 175 leading industry analysts, consultants, and press related to the printing industry.

“We partnered with Scharff Weisberg last year for the IAB which was held in New York,” recalls Lisa Lauerman, executive producer at Velocity Communications Group, which produced the event. “Usually the client expects us to select local suppliers for out-of-town shows but we were eager to work with Scharff Weisberg again because of the outstanding work they do with us year in and year out. Scharff Weisberg’s competitive pricing, innovative ideas, and effective solutions made them the hands-down choice for the show in Boston.” The IAB kicked off with Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy addressing the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Leading Industries Executive Forum. Two days of general sessions followed on the theme of customer-driven growth.

For the sessions, Scharff Weisberg furnished two 7.5’x10’ screens built into a 40’ hard set. Two primary and two dual-converged backup Barco R10 projectors handled rear projection of Beta SP video, graphics, and IMAG. A pair of 61” NEC plasma screens acted as delay screens in the back of the room to improve attendees’ sightlines.

IMAG was captured with two Sony DXC-D50 cameras with long lenses sub-switched with a Sony DFS 300. The ISO record of the two cameras was recorded on Sony 2800 decks. A Vista Systems Montage enabled Scharff Weisberg to route the two cameras, two graphic computers, and Beta SP playback to either screen or to two 42” NEC confidence monitors.

Audio PA consisted of 12 Meyer M1D Line Array System with 4 M1D Subs, Meyer UPM-1P units for front fill and fold back on stage, and a Yamaha DM2000 console. The event utilized 14 channels of Sennheiser wireless microphones. The lighting complement for the sessions was extensive. A dozen Spectra PARs were strategically placed at the base of the hard set allowing Scharff Weisberg to change the color of the set. The Xerox logo was backlit with ARRI 1Ks. Two truss towers featured ETC Source Four® fixtures for washing the stage and special effects. A 16’ goal post behind the set sported fresnel backlights. Controlling all the instruments was an ETC Express™ 250 lighting console.

Scharff Weisberg’s Guy Bostian served as project manager for the event.