Scharff Weisberg has added Main Light Industries’ transparent Soft-LED/Scrim to its growing LED rental inventory.

Soft-LED/Scrim Panels are made to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions due to the vinyl coated construction material. The tri-color surface mount LEDs are situated on 4” centers. An easily attachable backing comes standard with the Scrim Panel to facilitate the look of the more traditional Soft-LED Curtain Panel.

“We had been carefully considering Main Light’s ubiquitous Soft-LED Curtain Panel,” comments Lars Pedersen, director of technology at Scharff Weisberg, “but as soon as we saw the more versatile Scrim Panel product, we knew it was a real opportunity to solidify our position as leaders in the low & medium resolution transparent LED market.”

Chris McMeen of Scharff Weisberg Lighting added that this was a “great product that crosses over from lighting to video; a real convergence product. The Soft-LED/Scrim is fed with a video signal which can include anything from a DVD to a media server.”

Soft-LED/Scrim is “great for a range of projects: rock ’n roll tours, television, Broadway, and even corporate events,” Pedersen adds. “The inherent transparency of the Scrim Panel mesh material allows to designers to create a dynamic three-dimensional appearance when used in conjunction with conventional lighting, video projection, and scenic elements. Each panel measures approximately 8’ x 33’. Using sewn-in Velcro, multiple panels can be connected for scalability. The Scrim Panel front-end electronics accepts a standard video signal, typically from a media server, which greatly simplifies the “programming” of the panels. The panels are foldable and lightweight making setup, pack, and transport a quick and efficient process.”

Scharff Weisberg also carries the G-LEC PhantomFrame™, a transparent LED graphics display “curtain” as well as G-LEC’s lower resolution transparent LightFrame™ LED “curtain”, both of which have been very popular with clients for an array of applications from corporate projects to touring with Sting.