Production manager Gary Lanvy coordinated with Lorenzo Cornacchia, vice president of Pyrotek Special Effects Inc. to create a number of complimentary effects for the recent 2007 MTV Movie Awards.

The entire show was broadcast live this year from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA. The Gibson, a 35-year-old building originally intended as an outdoor amphitheater, is one of Los Angeles’ biggest venues and well-known for its fantastic acoustics. The objective of this year’s Movie Awards Show was to fill the Gibson with so many lights, video screens, and pyro that show attendees wouldn’t even remember that they could see or hear once it was all said and done.

One of Pyrotek’s effects, “The Waterfall,” complemented Rihanna’s performance of “Umbrella.” The waterfall provided an excellent way to synergize the pyro effect with the theme of the performance, as sparkling rain cascaded downacross the entire stage. The waterfall effect was situated on the upstage trussing and dropped 20 feet down to the base of the stage as dancers were positioned with umbrellas in hand. An additional effect to the performance included a 35 gerb chase from off stage right, and left to center, leading into an all fir cue as Rihanna entered center stage from a lift.

Additionally, Pyrotek provided an entrance cue for well-known comedian Mike Myers as he was presented the “MTV Generation Award” by Cameron Diaz. The effect consisted of 18 red color mines, 18 white flash with bang effect, and a streamer mine effect that poured into the audience as Mike Myers reenacted his comical theatrical entrance that has been seen in his Austin Powers movies.