The radio-friendly pop/rock tones of UK band 10 Reasons To Live are being widely tipped to become a huge success in 2007, so a big impact was required for the promo video for their song “Pretty Girls Rule The World.” Filmed by Lightening Productions, the shoot took place at Pinewood Studio’s Stage F in the UK and featured a large Lighthouse Technologies R16 screen, supplied by PSL Events. The Lighthouse screen was used as a backdrop of the catwalk featuring what else but pretty girls.

Charlie Lightening, founder of Lightening Productions, who created and directed the music video, knew exactly R16 was able to provide the effect he wanted: “Having seen other music videos using LED video walls I knew that, as a video director, I could do something amazing with it,” says Lightening. “What I am waiting for is the right song with a big, American-style production. ‘Pretty Girls Rule The World’ is the song, so I spoke to Pod Bluman at PSL and we worked it out.”

The screen comprised 80 panels of Lighthouse R16 in a 10 panels x 8 panels (10m x 6m) configuration. As there are restrictions on the weight that can be hung from the Stage F roof, head rigger “Karritt” of Nippy Industries had to do some clever work to spread the load across seven rigging points via a truss beam.

“I wanted a strong, clean image when the cameras were zoomed back, but also to have a pixelated style of image when the cameras zoomed in close. I approached R16 from an artistic point of view, it was the right screen to achieve the effect that I want,” explains “Karritt.” “I’ve always liked music videos where the background light is really strong and R16 allowed me to use the screen as a light source, rather than just as a medium for displaying footage,” he adds. “Everyone was happy with the result, the production values were really high.”

The content combined abstract shapes and explosion effects with some band footages, run from Sony DV cam playback machines running through a Grass Valley mixer, Folsom scaler and a Lighthouse LIP-KX controller.