Le Pont du Gard is a very old and famous Roman aqueduct which spans the Gardon River in Southern France. Every year a summer festival is staged in the huge national park incorporating Le Pont du Gard to celebrate the aqueduct and the region of Nimes.

Lighting designer Jean Marc Bouaniche specified an entire PixelRange rig for the occasion including 110 PixelLine 110s, 20 PixelLine 1044s, 36 PixelPars, and 12 PixelBricks.

“I didn’t want to mix generic lights with LEDs. I wanted the aqueduct reflecting in its own color—not lightening it with HMI or MSR lamps,” explains Bouaniche.

The PixelLine 110s were positioned in each of the arches on the second and third levels while the PixelPars were on the ground facing and lighting the first level. The PixelLine 1044s and the PixelBricks were on the riverbanks, simulating volcano craters in red beating like hearts.

Six thousand people enjoyed the show, experiencing the structure breathing color. In red, the color was so pure the effect was similar to a piece of iron just out of a very hot furnace.

French company Group F. produced the event which included lighting, actor performances, acrobats, video, fireworks, and music. All the lighting was supplied by Waldeck Organization Aix en Provence.

Le Pont du Gard is over 2,000 years old and is one of the major tourist attractions in France, second to only the Eiffel Tower.