Hailed as the next Freddie Mercury, Mika, a 23-year-old Beirut born Londoner, has recently exploded onto the music scene in glorious technicolor, causing a sensation among music lovers and experts alike.

Lighting designer Ian Tomlinson chose a mixture of fixtures for the tour (in support of the artist's debut album Life in Cartoon Motion) including: 12 PixelLine Micro Effects, 12 PixelLine 1044s, six PixelPars, six Martin MAC 250 washes, six mirrorballs, and lots of festoon.

The diverse rig allowed Tomlinson to produce big theatrical effects injecting visual creativity to the various characters that Mika brings to life during his shows. The Micros formed an arch at the back of the stage and their high-powered effects complemented the 1044s.

"The Micros held their own against the 1044s," says Tomlinson. "I was very impressed, and hopefully on the next tour, we will introduce a media server. I'm pleased PixelLines are now available in different sizes, as it allows more flexibility in the rig, particularly when we are touring venues of different sizes."

All the lighting was supplied by Adlib and a Flying Pig Systems WholeHog IPC was used for control and programming. The tour manager is Jamie Butterworth and Dave Eldridge is the lighting tech.