Paint with Light provided set and lighting design for the Belgian theatre tour of Me and My Producer, employing a Martin Professional Maxxyz lighting console.

“We didn’t have a lot of time for preparation so pre-programming and learning the Maxxyz was done in a matter of three days, thanks to the great support and the controller’s ease of use,” says Maxxyz programmer/operator Steve Demarsin of Painting with Light. “It was so easy to work with that I actually had time to sleep! I’d like to thank Marc Colemont and Jo Van Geite at R&D International for their wonderful support.”

Set and lighting design was by Luc Peumans of Painting with Light who used 13 Martin MAC 600NT Wash lights and 12 MAC 550 Profiles on the show as well as conventionals. Sound and lighting supply was by Soundfield NV of Belgium.

The Me and My Producer tour began in November of 2005 and stars Belgian singer Natalia.

Equipment List
1 Martin Maxxyz
13 Martin MAC 600NT
12 Martin MAC 550
6 ETC Source Four PAR MFL with Chroma Q scrollers
4 ETC Source Four Profile Zoom 25/50
6 ETC Source Four PAR MFL (floor mount)
18 Showtec Suntrip
1 Robert Juliat 2.5 kW Ivanhoe
1 ViCount Concept Hazer
1 Avolites ART2000 48 channels/3.5kW