I-Pix working with Greenpeace, supplied their BB4 and Satellite fixtures to Greenpeace’s "Greenfields" site at the 2008 Glastonbury Festival, after being approached by the organization who wanted their area to be as eco-friendly as possible. The Satellites and BB4s were used to illuminate a large skate ramp complex at the centre of the Greenfields area, the end section of this also doubled as a band stage area showcasing a series of up-and-coming talent. The Greenfields area lighting and AV was co-ordinated by Niall Whybrow of Potters Bars based PP AV, and this year i-Pix provided an ideal green solution.

“Anything that reduces the amount of energy consumed is good,” says Bob Wilson, events coordinator for Greenpeace UK, “What i-Pix are doing is very interesting,” and he adds that they had been keen to work with the Manchester-based specialist LED fixture manufacturer since Live Earth last year. He says he also hopes that the Stages at Glastonbury will start exploring more low-energy options as appropriate fixtures become available.

The skate ramp was illuminated with 4 BB4s, rigged at the highest point and washing along its length. In the evenings, a projection screen was rigged at the back of the ramp forming a backdrop for the stage, and the light levels in this area were boosted with 2 more Satellites and 2 BB4s, which Whybrow describes as "Awesome fixtures."

The BB4s draw just half an amp at full power, so they are also exceptionally expedient on power consumption for the light output. The other 4 Satellites were used to wash the front of the “Eco House” a show home featuring green living products, solutions and ideas, including low energy lighting, solar panels, regenerated cardboard wall insulation, special windows, etc.

I-Pix’ new BB7s and more BB4s were used by LD Jasper Johns of Colour Sound Experiment on The Glade stage. The 4 BB7s were rigged on the trussing structure over the dance floor and used for blasting the audience with color and beams. He also used 4 BB4s to backlight bands appearing on the stage below.

Over in the West Dance tent, the dynamic duo of Jas Bullah and Stuart "Woody" Wood rocked with 4 BB7s and 4 BB4s with lighting equipment also supplied by Colour Sound. Live performers in here included Zion Train, James Zabelia, The Grid, Dave Seamen, System 7, and many more.

LD Jonny Gaskell incorporated 24 BB4s into his specials package for Sunday night Other Stage headliners, Groove Armada, while Chris Bushell used 32 Satellites on Amy Winehouse’s Saturday night Pyramid stage appearance, 8 units each downlighting 4 chandeliers.